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Packersandmover.com is one of the most trusted and reliable online directories of professional Packers and Movers in India. It is a definitive online destination where individuals, families, and businesses can find the list of pre-verified Packers and Movers in different cities and towns across India to get free quotes and select the best service available at the best price.

People who are looking for hiring services of professional movers and packers companies Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat, Patna, Ranchi, Chennai, Chandigarh, Bhopal, Indore, or any other cities or towns of India, this online Packers and Movers Directory of India can be the best place for them.

Whether it is a local household goods shifting with few items or a long-distance residential relocation, Packersandmover.com provides unmatched and exceptional residential relocation solution to its customers. The portal provides services not only for home shifting but also for commercial shifting, corporate relocation and industrial goods shifting, be it a local move or a move from one city to another city of India.

Apart from home relocation and office shifting, this online portals also provides legitimate services for car carrier, bike shipping, and international relocation. In fact, Packersandmover.com is truly a great online platform for folks where they can find right solution for any type of shifting and relocation needs, such as pet moving, plants moving, shop shifting, bike shipping, and warehousing & storage.

Our Assistance on Different Relocating Needs

Residential Relocation Commercial Relocation Relocation Allied Needs
Local Household Shifting Local Office Shifting Warehousing & Storage
Intercity Home Relocation Intercity Office Relocation Car Carrier & Transportation
International Relocation Corporate Relocation Bike Shipping & Transportation
Pets Moving Industrial Shifting Furniture Moving
Plants Moving Shop Shifting Goods Insurance Coverage

Relocation Made Simpler, Streamlined and Stress-free With Packersandmover.com

We at Packersandmover.com understand that relocating from one place to another can be a time-consuming, difficult, stressful and even an expensive affair of your life. With that in mind, we provide affordable yet high-quality services for local and long distance relocation as well as time-saving solutions that will make your move streamlined, less complicated and more enjoyable. Whether you are moving down the street within a city or relocating from one city to another city, we are always ready to help you at every step of the way.

One of the best features Packersandmover.com provides you is CONVENIENCE in selecting the right professional Packers and Movers at affordable price in few minutes. With us you can hire the right professional moving company in your city for any type of relocating needs with ease and comforts of sitting on your couch at your home. You don’t need to go anywhere just make few mouse clicks and select the best available service for your specific moving needs.

Our unique concept of hiring professional Packers and Movers in different cities and towns of India saves you time and money because of its partnership with top rated licensed, insured, trusted, and reliable Movers and Packers across the country. We hand-pick best and reliable moving companies to ensure high-quality shifting service. We make rigorous screening of moving companies before making them association with them. We always ensure that professional movers and packers companies should be insured, licensed, trusted and have experiences of at least 5 years in the relocation industry.

If you plan your home or office relocation with one of our partnered Packers and Movers then we can ensure that you will get peace of mind and hassle-free moving experience. You know what, you will get complete full assistance in the entire procedure of shifting from planning the move, to streamlining every things, to packing all items, to loading goods onto the truck, to transporting goods, to unloading items from the truck, to unloading & unpacking boxes. What more, you can expect on your move! This is not the end, you will also get insurance coverage for your belongings, it means if your goods are unfortunately or unluckily damaged in transit then our partnered moving companies will also cover the loss and keep you worry-free always.

What Services You Can Expect Hiring Packers and Movers with Us

Packing Service Loading Service Transportation Service
Unloading Service Unpacking Service Rearranging Service
Pets Moving Service Storage Service Car & Bike Carrier Service

Hiring Guide for Packers and Movers in India with Us

Hiring the trusted and affordable Packers and Movers with us is extremely easy and simple as we provide truly convenient way. At this online directory you can see a list of verified Packers and Movers along with their complete details like phone numbers, local addresses, websites, email ids, and services offered. You can contact them or make phone calls to them directly to get free quotes and insist pre-move survey of your move. Collect at least 5 quotes from different potential companies to compare and select the best service at the best price.

Another way to hire service of Packers and Movers with us is Quick Query Form available at this portal. You need to fill the query form properly with required details and send it online. Once you fill the query form and send it online, you will get be contacted by the best matching moving companies with highly competitive quotes. Collect initial contacts also insist movers to make pre-move survey of your belongings so that you can get precise estimate. Compare the estimates including services and Packers and Movers charges/rates properly; and make final decision very sensibly to pick the best moving service at your preferred budget.

Fill the Query Form or Contact Enlisted Movers Get Free Moving Quotes from Best Matching Companies Compare Quotes, Charges and Services to Select Right & Save!

You don't need to worry at all about the information you share with us. We ensure that we will never misuse your details. We understand and value your privacy and hence we will keep them safe & secure and use them to process your request only. So, you can fill the query form without any hesitation in order to get free moving quotes from top rated movers and packers companies with us.

H2 - What Are Packers and Movers Charges, Rates or Estimated Costs for Their Services?

You might want to know estimated or approximated shifting charges of professional Packers and Movers companies before hiring services of one. You must keep in mind that packers and movers charges are variable. They can vary on the basis of different circumstances. There are many things on which basis professional moving companies calculate estimate charges for move. The charges may company to company because of different companies provide different level of services and use different types of packing materials.

There are different state taxes and different pricing heads in different cities which affect the movers and packers charges and rates. In fact, it is very difficult task to predict the exact shifting charge or cost of a moving company. If someone tells you exact shifting charge without analyzing your moving needs then it is a big sign of scam. Professional packers and movers can provide you precise moving estimate only after conducing pre-move survey of your belongings and analyzing the specific circumstance of your move. Here, we are providing you different cost heads of relocation. Have a look at them.

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Let's know some vital facts about us that will clearly tell you why you should go with us whenever you need to hire packers and movers or relocation service in India.

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Different Types of Relocation and Required Services

Residential Relocation or Home Shifting

Residential Relocation is a term given to move from one place to another with residential belongings like household items, pets and plants. It can be a local move within a city, a long-distance move, an intercity move, or an international move. The most common type of residential relocation is household goods shifting in which people have to move from one place/city to another with household belongings. A home consists of lots of items such as kitchen items, crockery sets, furniture, electronic items, home appliances, kitchen appliances, books, shelves, and many other small and big items.

Packing up all these household items and transporting them to a new place is can be really a big trouble for anyone. Trying to pack small or big items, lift heavy items like furniture & appliances and loading items on truck, unloading items from the truck, and unpacking boxes are some of the tedious tasks which are not enjoyable at all. People often get worried when it comes to move from one place to another with their household belongings. But now-days, people don’t need to worry at all because residential relocation can be streamlined and simplified by hiring services of professional packers and movers companies.

Now-a-days, services of professional movers and packers companies can be found in almost all major cities and towns of India. The relocation industry is flourishing because people have to move from one place to another either for their job transfer, better opportunity, new localities, or might be some other reasons for that. Sometimes people also have to move their pets and plants along with their household belongings. Sometimes they have to transfer their pets or plants only to new place. Moving pets or plants can be even more difficult than of packing and moving of household items. But professional packers and movers companies can provide adequate service for pets moving and plants moving. Just one need to hire the right service provider as per their needs to have hassle-free moving experience and peace of mind.

Commercial Relocation or Shifting

You can also say it commercial or commercial goods shifting. There can be several types of commercial shifting such as office shifting, factory shifting, heavy machinery shifting, shop shifting, or big corporate relocation. At first glance, the process of home shifting and office shifting seems similar. But in fact, there are huge difference between residential and commercial relocation. In commercial relocation especially in corporate or office shifting, people have to make several other arrangements apart from just packing and moving their office goods. Office furniture, office documents, and office machinery including computers, laptops, electronics, file, and folders require extra care while making these office belongings properly packed and shifted to the new place.

Industrial goods shifting or factor shifting can be even tougher than of office shifting because there can be lots of heavy machinery and things to be shifted. Only experienced and expert can handle such situations. So, it would be certainly the best decision to use professional services to make industrial or factory shifting easy and hassle-free.

If you are looking for professional help on local office shifting, intercity corporate relocation, industrial goods shifting, factory shifting, shop shifting, or any type of commercial shifting you name, we can significantly help you pick the best matching commercial shifting services providing company at your preferred budget. Get free quotations for your commercial relocation with us to compare top rated commercial movers to save money and select the best service provider.

Car Transportation

Customers often required car transpiration or bike shipping services on their intercity move. Moving car or bike from one city to another can be a difficult process because you cannot drive for a long-distance of more than 300 KM. It is also not save to drive for a long distance more than 300km. It would be a good decision to use professional moving companies that can transport your vehicle safely from one city to another giving you peace of mind. To help customers on their intercity move, we are also providing car carrier & transportation services for our clients. We are associated with best packers and movers in India who have their own fleets of car carriers and covered trailers for shipping of cars and bikes.

Whether you want to transport your bike/car from Delhi to Pune, Mumbai to Patna, Ranchi to Ahmedabad, Gurgaon to Hyderabad, Chennai to Jaipur, north to south or south to each, we can help you pick the best service provider that can transport your vehicle safely and timely. Get free quotes today to compare and select the best service at the best price.

8 Major Mistakes Many People Make While Choosing Packers and Movers

Many folks do make mistakes while picking the professional packers and movers for their specific moving needs. Making mistakes in selection of moving companies can be painful and very annoying. So please you must not make mistakes when it comes to choose the professional moving company for your next move.

Here are 8 major mistakes which you should never make in moving.

1. Getting quotes over the phone calls: Can a moving company give you a precise estimate or price quote for your move without seeing or making survey of your household belongings? No way, no how. It is impossible to give precise relocating estimate without seeing or making survey of goods. If you get estimates only on your phone calls then you are at peril of trapping into scam, called relocation scam. With a quote you get over the phone, you have not proof to inventory of your belongings. On moving day, moving company can say you have lots of items so you will be charged more. So, it is advisable that you ought to insist on an in-home estimate. You should invite movers to your home and show your belongings so that they can give you accurate moving estimate.

2. Getting moving quote from a single moving company: It is one of the main mistakes many folks make. Not getting relocation quotes from multiple packers and movers companies does not sense at all. You must get free quotes from several companies so that you can compare the best deal of industry and pick the best service at affordable price.

3. Choosing the Lowest Price Movers:  If a moving company provides you moving services at dramatically lowest price which is about 30% to 70% below other moving companies may cost. In fact, it is a big sign of scam. So you must rethink about hiring services of such company. You should think yourself how a professional moving company can provide you services at such a very low cost. Affordable movers can be good option but not the lowest or cheapest one.

4. Not asking about additional charges or surplus charges: There are several companies that may provide you cheap rates, but charge extra cost in name of surcharge, packing materials cost, additional laborers charge, insurance, etc. So you must clear that the charge will you have to pay is full and final. You must clear about surcharges and hidden cost well in advance.

5. Choosing uninsured, inexperienced and unlicensed mover: There are many folks who go with uninsured, inexperienced and unlicensed moving companies because such companies provide services at very low prices. But with these companies you may have to face several problems and high risk of damages of your belongings. So you must not go with such companies. Professional packers and movers companies must be licensed, insured, reputed, trusted and experienced so that you can indeed have completely tension-free relocation experience.

6. Not Getting Written Estimate: You must not accept the estimate without it is not provided you in writing. You should always go with written estimate that is also called binding estimate. Binding estimate spells out what amount you will have to pay, what services you will get, goods insurance policy included or not, and other details. If you are not comfortable with the estimate you should never sign the contact. You should go with another company that fits your specific needs perfectly.

7. Not Showing All Belongings to Moving Companies: There are many folks who don’t show all items to movers in order to get lowest price quote. But it is not an ethical way to save money. You should never do it. If you hide some items from movers and at the time of packing or making inventory of your belongings, movers find you have more items to be packed and shifted then they may charge you more or even cancel the contract.

8. Not Understanding the Insurance Policy: Many folks sign the contact without reading or understanding insurance policy completely and later complain. So to avoid such situation you must go through the insurance policy completely so that you can understand each point of the policy; then sign the contact.

We hope these important tips will be very helpful on your next move. Let Packersandmover.com help you pick the best Packers and Movers at your budget for your specific moving needs. Request free moving quotes today!


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