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15 Things to Check When Hiring Car Transport Company


Hiring the best car transport company in India can make the interstate car shipping a lot easier and safer procedure for you. It’s because they have trained professionals and resources as well through which they handle cars and transport it safely at the desired location. But, for that it is important to hire the best car carrier service provider in your city.

Today many people relocate from one city to another and some even relocate internationally, for which they need packers and movers services to transport their car along with their household goods. But, most people prefer to hire the transport company in India that excels at car transportation services.

Well, the number of car transport companies in India has increased in recent years. This can be really helpful and advantageous for people, but on the other hand a large number of car shipping companies can be a problem for you. With lots of options to choose from, you may be spoiled for several choices. It’s really important for you to know which transport agency you should select for car shipping services in India. Therefore, it is recommended to check a few important things while hiring a car transport company in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or any other cities in India.

In fact, there are many important questions as well that you must ask to the potential car transporters before hiring them for transporting your car. If you are wondering what are those important things to check and questions to ask a car carrier service provider in India or how to find the best car transport company near me then keep on reading the article.

Here in this article we will discuss all the important things you must check prior hiring car transportation service provider and also the important questions that you must ask to your car transporter before availing their service for interstate car transporting in India.

Due to high demands of car transportation services in India, the number of car shipping companies is increasing rapidly. In fact, the household moving companies have also started offering car transportation services. But, not every mover is efficient and cost-effective. There are a few that are unexperienced and also don’t have required resources to pack and transport your car. You must avoid such companies at any cost. But you can do this only when you know what actually you need to check while hiring the right car transport service provider in India.

Also, remember that there are a few fraudsters who may try to lure you by offering car shipping services at a very cheap price but, will eventually fool you. Hence, you need to be very careful while making the decision of hiring Car Transport Company in Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, or anywhere in India. To ensure you are choosing the right and trustworthy transport company you must know what to ask and things to check before taking the final decision. And if after doing your research work and cross checking the company if you find them the best amongst others then you can go ahead and finalize your deal with that particular company.

Important Things to Check While Hiring Car Transportation Company

Our car is one of the most expensive possessions we own. Thus, we want someone to take care of it in exactly the same way as we do. So, before handing your car to a car transporter make sure the company is reliable and experienced enough.

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Listed below are the important thing you must check while hiring vehicle Transport Company in India: –

1) Check Whether The Transporter Is A Broker Or Carrier Or Vehicle Transport Company?

Before you make the final decision it is really important to figure out whether your car transporter is a broker, carrier or vehicle transport company. Why it is so important, because they all follow a different method to transport your car. The brokers are the one who find carriers and then schedule the shipment of the car. Thus the same way, carriers are the one who owns fleets, trucks and tempos that are used for car transportation services. They use their own moving vehicle to transport and deliver your vehicle at the desired location. But a vehicle transport company is the one that provide you end-to-end car moving service. From inspecting to providing the quotations, then packing and transporting the vehicle, they handle everything and provide you complete car shifting solution. So, check what your car transporter is and does it fit to your requirements or not.

2) Is The Company Licensed And Registered?

You must be looking for a trustworthy car transport company so that you can be sure of having safe and damage-less delivery of car. But, for that it is important to check the license of your car transporter. Make sure the company has got all the necessary license and also registered with the appropriate government agencies. Because then you can be relaxed and stress-free that your vehicle is on safe hands.

3) What Type Of Services The Company Offers?

You must be thinking what else a car transport company can offer than car transport services. But it is always good to know more about the exact services the company provides.

Some car transporters ask you to pack and transport the car to their warehouse, some provide you end-to-end car transport service which means they will pick your car from your house and drive to their warehouse. And then from there they will drive the car to the location (usually outside the city) from where your car will be shipped to the desired location.

The car transporters use both open and enclosed trailer to transport your car. And for long distance shipments the transporters use train, boats and plane as well. There are single and multi-vehicles transportation service is also available. You can pick one depending on your budget. Also, there are some transporters who are well-equipped to transport inoperable cars, while as some do not transport non-working cars. This will surely help you to choose the better option.

4) What Kind Of Vehicles They Ship?

Depending on the size or model of the car the car transport companies decide what equipment to use to load the car on to the right moving truck. But, not every transport company is well-equipped with the latest technologies and moving equipment to load and move every kind of vehicle. So, when you are hiring a car carrier service provider then make sure to ask what type of vehicle they transport. Your car is extremely valuable for you and if it’s heavily modified or oversized then moving special equipment will be required to load and unload the car. Not every company possess such moving equipment hence, you should check this before hiring the particular company.

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5) Does the Company Provide Free Car Shipping Quotations?

If you are asking the car shipping company to provide their quotations then it is not necessary to hire that company. You can still look for other agencies to find the one that best fits your requirements and budget as well. Also, it is common to get moving quotes from top reputed transport agencies at free of cost. But, make the sure the company isn’t making you fool by offering irrational low quotes. So, get quotations from multiple companies to compare car transportation charges and hire the one you find the most affordable one as per your budget.

Also there are many companies that have got online cost calculators from where you can know the approximate car transportation cost. But to get the more accurate result you should directly consult to the representative of the company. Discuss everything and provide as much as information as you can to get an accurate quote.

6) Check for Hidden Cost or Additional Cost

Sometimes to lure customers, moving companies draft a quote with low fees but later ask for extra fees giving absurd reasons. So, it’s always better to discuss everything in details. You should inform the representative of the company that you would like to know the detail information and ask if there will be any additional cost or fees that are not mentioned in the quotation. Ask them what the quoted price covers. This way there will be transparency and also you will know what you are paying for and how much exactly you need to pay for car transportation services.

7) How they Estimate Their Fees or Charges?

You can ask your transporter how they calculate the charges for car transportation. Generally it depends on the factors like distance, method of shipping your car, model of the vehicle, pick up and dropping location, etc. Then the secondary cost affecting factors are the condition of your car, require any special equipment to load and unload the car, seasonal price fluctuation, demands, company’s brand reputation, etc. So, while talking to your car transport company, ask how they have calculated the charges and also get multiple quotations to compare car transportation charge so that you can be sure you are not paying too much for car shipping services in India.

8) Mode of Payment

Many transport companies ask for a partial payment before the delivery of the consignment and some need the advance money to make sure you will not cancel the booking in the last minute. But, some reputed and trusted agencies prefer taking full payment after delivering the car at the customer’s doorstep. So, you should ask your transporter what payment options they accept. Also, remember that no agency can ask you to make full-payment in advance not even more than 50% of the total fees. Make sure you will discuss each and everything related to the payment mode with your transporter so that you will not get a surprise bill from your transporter even after paying a big amount in advance.

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Also, check what mode of payment does your transport company accepts.

9) Is the Company Insured?

Most of the reputed car transport companies are insured. And the best among those agencies will have enough coverage to respond to emergency issues that can occur during the transportation. So, when you are selecting one you should ask about their standard shipping insurance options. Do you need to buy additional insurance for your car? If something worse will happen, will it cover the entire car or just a few parts of the vehicle?

10) Is This The Best Car Transport Company in The City?

Every company will claim to be the best amongst others, but is it you who will verify which one is actually best for you. Get referrals from your friends, colleagues or neighbors, check the company’s online reviews and check whether you find the best amongst other or not. If you find everything good about the company then you can go ahead and finalize your deal with that particular company.

11) How They Will Transport Your Car?

Of course, you have chosen the method of car shipment but there’s nothing wrong in asking a few more questions about the car transportation process. You can still ask the mover how the car will be loaded on to the moving truck, what packaging materials you will use to pack the vehicle, how long the car will be left alone, how long it will take to deliver the car, etc. You can get some details about car transportation process from your transporter.

12) Customer Support

Most of the reliable transport companies are available 24/7 customer service. Some also provide the option of tracking fleet or truck. You can easily track your car live location. But, most of the brokers and small companies are not available all the time to give you updates. So, for your luxury car you should hire large nationwide transport agency that will keep providing you timely updates of your car when is on route. So, confirm your transporter about the customer support.

13) Pick Up and Drop Off Locations

One of the important things to consider while hiring a car transport company is there pick up and drop off locations, because not every transport agency provide you end-to-end car transport services. You will have to drop your car to their warehouse from where they will drive the car to the location from where the car will be loaded and transmitted to the desired location. Similarly they will deliver the car at a particular place after reaching the destination then you will have to again pick up the car from that particular location drive to your destination. If you need door-to-door car transport services then discuss with your transporter before signing the agreement.

14) Documents Required for Car Transportation

Confirm it with your car transport company that what documents they require to transport your car. Usually a car transporter needs vehicle registration certificate and photocopy of insurance along with your valid ID proof. Some companies may also ask you to show the title. For international car shipping the company may ask for other documents as well. Ask the company and be ready with all the necessary documents.

15) Shipping Timing

Most reliable transport companies offer you different time frame options at various costs. You can definitely choose your time to pick up and deliver your car, but this could really be expensive for you, but it is possible to select your shipping time. Usually the auto transport companies take time to deliver the consignment so cannot tell the exact shipping timing, but you can talk to them if you want the car to pick up or delivered by a specific date or time.

Final Words

People love their car and other vehicle like their babies and it’s obvious because it’s a precious possessions that people own. Your car is one of the most expensive things that you have and should be handled with care while transporting it to other city or state. So, before hiring a car transport company in India, ensure the company is reliable and credible by checking all the above-discussed things.

15 Things to Check When Hiring Car Transport Company

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